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Customer Communication


Neopost OMS-500 Document Enhancement Software

Quadient Impress automates your entire outbound document workflow enabling you to process, send and manage documents from anywhere

Send invoices, notifications, and letters via multiple channels: print, digital, or outsource



Automate outbound document workflows and replace inefficient manual processes

Automate manual processes related to the creation, distribution, and output of invoices, statements, notices, and letters. Impress Automate centralizes outbound document preparation and distribution, giving you complete control over your customer communication process. Establish business processing rules through an intuitive, browser-based interface to accelerate and streamline workflows from anywhere, leading to greater efficiency and an overall reduction in manual errors.


ElectronicDocument Delivery Cloud Solution

Eliminate the distraction, time, and effort of preparing and sending mail. Impress Distribute gives SMB's the power to send physical or digital communications in just a few clicks without leaving their desk


Send one, hundreds, or thousands of documents in minutes.

Impress Distribute is a cloud-based multi-channel document delivery solution that manages the preparation and delivery of your customer communications. Upload documents via a user-friendly SaaS application for Quadient’s certified mail production facility to print, sort, stuff, meter as well as deliver the mail to the post office  You may also select digital delivery channels such as secure branded customer portal, tracked email, or SMS text 

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GMC Quadient CCM Customer Output Management

Create, manage and deliver quality customer communications that span the entire customer journey to drive relevant, targeted customer communications for increased customer satisfaction.

Inspire enables your business to deliver relevant personalized messages at the right time via your customer’s preferred channel.

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