Customer Communication


Neopost OMS-500 Document Enhancement Software

Impress all you need to create compelling, personalized communications and deliver them to the right person, at the right time, through their preferred channel.

Impress gives you complete control over your customer communications processes by automating and centralizing the preparation of your business documents.


GMC Quadient CCM Customer Output Management

Create, manage and deliver quality customer communications that span the entire customer journey to drive relevant, targeted customer communications for increased customer satisfaction.

Inspire enables your business to deliver relevant personalized messages at the right time via your customer’s preferred channel.



ElectronicDocument Delivery Cloud Solution

ConnectSuite e-Preference

By helping companies adapt to the market’s changing needs, ConnectSuite e-Preference helps businesses send communications through the delivery channels they prefer while allowing for easy evolution to digital delivery.

  • Offers a powerful, cloud-based solution with user-friendly interface

  • Manages customer delivery preference for important business communications

  • Decreases costs with one-click paperless enrollment

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