Address Quality

& Data Accuracy



e-validate customer address quality and correction

Ensure no mail is left undelivered again with e-Validate; the simple cloud-based address correction service, that quickly and easily validates customer addresses in a few simple clicks - no downloads or training required.

  • USPS CASS Certified™ for address validation

  • Real-time NCOA updates, to ensure your database is kept current

  • Append additional information to your enhance your contact lists

  • Save up to $25 per mail piece by eliminating returned mail and parcels


Satori Infuse Integrate Data Quality Soution

Take advantage of a unique combination of Professional Services, client software, pre-built database connectors, and Data Services from a single, trusted provider.

Let Satori do the heavy lifting – while leveraging years of experience and numerous implementations.

Satori Database Connector enables you to processes records through the Satori cloud-based Infuse platform using stored procedures for automated job scripting, so there’s no manual intervention required – simply set it and forget it!  

Quadient Architect Software


  • Utilizes USPS® CASS Certified™ for address validation

  • Includes USPS PAVE™ certified postal presorting for best postage rates

  • Offers real-time Move Update and NCOA updates to ensure that your  communications reach their intended recipients

  • Integrates with Neopost USA’s output management software

  • Offers optional EasyTrack mail stream monitoring service which provides real-time visibility of your mail as it passes through the USPS® mail stream


Satori Bulk Mailer Addressing Softare

Prepare USPS® compliant direct mail faster and more easily. Superior productivity features include wizard-based processes, reusable templates, comprehensive data exchange and an unmatched mail piece designer. Upgrade to Bulk Mailer Business for faster performance with the largest address data files.

  • Integrated Microsoft SQL Server database

  • Multiuser environment supports template sharing

  • Package mailings with reports for backup or transfer

  • Archive older mailings

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